Elf Shelf® Holiday Shop promotions are available to all schools with at least 200 students who reserve their shop by October 1.  Additional steps required for Rewards Program.

Elf Shelf Holiday Shop Kid Bucks Promotion

Kid Bucks – Kid Bucks come in $.50 denominations and schools are not charged for gifts purchased using the Kid Bucks.  Kid Bucks may be distributed however you like.  Some schools hold a raffle to award them while others simply place a stack with the cashier.  Use your imagination to get the Kid Bucks to the students who need them most.

Rewards Program -Reserve your Elf Shelf Holiday shop by May 1 to receive 5 points per dollar remitted in payment for your sale.  Reserve May 2 – October 1 and receive 3 points per dollar remitted.  Redeem points to receive teacher gifts, $300 Carnival Prize/Student Store Package, Electronic Sign, Popcorn Machine, or even a giant inflatable Movie Screen!

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