Elf Shelf® Holiday Shop promotions are available to schools with 300+ students that run their Elf Shelf® Holiday Shop 3+ days during school hours.

Elf Shelf Holiday Shop Kid Bucks Promotion

$200 Kid Bucks – Kid Bucks come in $.50 denominations and schools are not charged for gifts purchased using the Kid Bucks.  Kid Bucks may be distributed however you like.  Some schools hold a raffle to award them while others simply place a stack with the cashier.  Use your imagination to get the Kid Bucks to the students who need them most.

20% Discount Buyout Option – Purchase everything sent at a 20% discount.  (Unsold gifts are not returned)  Ideal for experienced schools that place a custom order by June 1.  Payment is made after the sale by December 31.  Schools may receive either the Kid Bucks or the Buyout Option – but not both.  Simply note on the Reservation Form the promotion desired.

Free Cash Register – Purchase the cash register of your choice online or at a local office supply store.  Fax or scan/email a copy of the purchase receipt to Elf Shelf®.  We will credit your Elf Shelf® invoice up to $100 to pay you back for your register.  If your register costs more than $100, we will credit up to $100 again the next year.  This will continue until you are completely paid back for your cash register.  The register is yours to keep and use for other school functions.

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