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Schools have found many ways to run an Elf Shelf® Holiday Shop.

For successful sales

  • Run 3-5 days during school hours and allow all the children an opportunity to shop.
  • Some schools have found benefit in staying open a final day so children can return for a second visit or to allow those absent on their designated shopping day the chance to shop.

Shopping rotations by class or scheduled library times work best

Schools that set up shop in the library find the weekly scheduled library hour a great time for children to shop. Others create a shopping rotation where classes are dismissed during class time to visit the Elf Shelf® Holiday Shop.

Shopping bags make it easy to store products during the day

Handled Shopping Bags with room/child label sections (provided) allow teachers to take possession of purchases during the day to be redistributed when the children go home.  This keeps the gifts from being a classroom distraction and draws less attention to those who do/do not participate.


Our goal is for schools to receive everything needed prior to the beginning of their sale.  We work with schools individually to learn about their prior holiday shop experiences and to send what they want/need.  For schools that haven’t had a holiday shop before, our experienced staff make recommendations.

We encourage schools to run their sale like a “going out of business” sale – encouraging students to choose from the gifts available.  But sometimes, because the Elf Shelf® Holiday Shop provides better quality gifts than much of our competition, schools have higher than anticipated sales early on. When this happens, we want to make sure schools have enough gift items to complete their sale. Schools may fax or email a reorder as long as

  • the sale is running during school hours, and
  • the school has at least two selling days left after the reorder is placed.

Reorders must be submitted by noon and are shipped UPS next day air as needed.

For Questions and Information
Call 1-877-384-9653

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