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How It Works

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Call 1-877-384-9653
Email info@elfshelfholidayshop.com

Watch video to see how it works

Hosting an Elf Shelf Holiday Shop is fun!

And because you receive a complete program from Elf Shelf with promotion items, supplies, a cash register, quality gifts, a no inventory process, and free shipping, it’s MUCH easier than trying to do it all on your own.  Everything is sent on consignment, so there is no prepayment, and groups  pay for only the gifts that sold AFTER the sale is over.

Watch the video above to see how easy it is!



This is our fifth year running the school’s gift shop and, over the years, we’ve used different companies and/or bought the merchandise ourselves. The Elf Shelf has been the most organized, best coded, easiest to work with company so far.  The people are very personable, friendly, and easy to work with.  I have no reservations about using The Elf Shelf for next year’s sale and am looking forward to it.”  – Nancy B. West Carrollton, OH